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FOSI is the right tool for the job for many reasons:

  1. FOSI was designed to format technical documentation, including
    maintenance manuals, parts manuals, operator's and owner's
    manuals, and the like.
  2. FOSI has built-in features such as blank front and back pages,    
    L-paging, change marks, and security classification.
  3. FOSI is best for "lights-out" batch formatting, including dynamic
    publishing, because its superior hyphenation and justification do
    not require a final review process.
  4. FOSI is Arbortext Editor's native formatting language, and it runs
    at top speed  — faster than APP and XSL-FO.
  5. FOSI performance is optimized by the Arbortext Editor software,
    not the stylesheet developer. FOSI formatting speed does not
    depend on the skill of the developer like APP and XSL-FO.
  6. FOSI has an awesome development environment with two
    powerful interfaces that complement each other, link to each  
    other and document, and cost  nothing extra.
  7. FOSI is not difficult to learn or use  — much easier than APP and
  8. FOSI can be supplemented with Arbortext Editor's native applica-
    tions language (ACL), XPath, and other scripting languages to
    handle programmatic functionality not directly available with FOSI.

     FOSI — the right tool for the job.
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FOSI — the right tool for the job
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FOSI was designed
specifically for the
purpose of formatting
service information.
FOSI formatting has a
feature that produces
print/PDF documents
two to four times faster
than usual.
Programming training and
experience are not needed for
learning FOSI.