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Expert FOSI Consulting             941-312-7636         2015
We can help with anything FOSI-related, including:

  • Custom FOSI stylesheet development for Edit window display,
    print/PDF, and HTML

  • FOSI source edits for Styler™

  • Modular FOSI stylesheets

  • FOSI upgrades

  • FOSI testing and troubleshooting

  • FOSI training

  • FOSI formatting for PDF creation

Let's discuss what best meets your particular needs.
Expert FOSI Consulting for Arbortext
World expert on applied FOSI
Professional Services
A proven track record of more than
20 years experience with Arbortext
publishing solutions, developing
successful publishing applications for
clients including Fortune 500 companies
Print/publishing background
We know the questions to ask.
We  know how to avoid
pitfalls and time bombs tthat could
jeopardize the success of your
Arbortext publishing project.