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FOSI QuickStart Tutorials

The FOSI Quickstart Tutorials are intended for anyone who:

Wants to develop an easy-to-maintain FOSI as quickly as possible.

Needs to learn FOSI to make source edits in Styler.

Needs to maintain a FOSI developed by someone else.

Is looking for a source of working FOSI code.

Wants to learn the style panels interface with its powerful Resolve feature.

Wants to refresh their knowledge of FOSI and learn all the latest tips and tricks.

Wants to know what FOSI can contribute to an Arbortext Editor application.

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Expert FOSI Consulting for Arbortext
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The EZ Interface

The EZ Interface is designed to make Arbortext Editor easy for authors, editors, and
subject matter experts to use. With the
EZ Interface, users can read, write, and edit in the
Edit window without the constant need to turn tag display on and off, or switch from Edit
window to Docmap to Preview window and back again all day long.

With the EZ Interface,
the constant interruptions to the flow of concentration are
eliminated and productivity soars.

Software users want success, not knowledge.
The Practical Tags feature makes it
possible for even newbies to use Arbortext Editor without learning about structured markup
or the DTD. The focused choices along with familiar menus and terminology make it obvious
how to use Arbortext Editor.

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applies to both
Authoring and
Publishing FOSIs
does not apply to
Authoring FOSIs
Practical FOSI

Practical FOSI
is for anyone developing or maintaining a FOSI stylesheet or
developing source edits for Styler and the FOSI formatting engine. With
more than 400 examples, extensive cross referencing, and a detailed index,
this book is a must-have for anyone working with FOSI and Arbortext Editor

The book covers the following:

The details of FOSI formatting.

A description of a practical approach to FOSI stylesheet development,
as used in the book.

FOSI reference information.

Advanced coding techniques.

How-to instructions.

A methodology for developing FOSI stylesheets.

Guidelines for FOSi troubleshooting.

Information on Arbortext Command Language and other aspects of
Arbortext Editor related to FOSI formatting.

Tips and tricks.

Basic information related to formatting for composed output.

Arbortext's version of the OutSpec DTD with annotations.

Other resourcse available to FOSI developers.

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