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The EZ Interface
Practical Tags takes an innovative approach to structured markup so users don't
have to learn about SGML/XML and their DTDs in order to use Arbortext Editor.
An optional extension of the
EZ Interface, Practical Tags enables users to figure
out how to use the Editor with a few instructions and a little trial and error.
To maximize what is displayed onscreen and minimize scrolling, color is used to
is easiest for the eye to find. There is no need to zoom to see the fine print
because it is the same size as regular text so it is easy to read and work with.
The EZ Interface optimizes the Edit window for authors, editors, and subject
matter experts. No attempt is made to replicate output formatting designed for
the readership. The people who produce the content have different needs.
The EZ Interface is configured for custom and standard DTDs, and can be
personalized for your organization. The
EZ Interface for 38784C is available
"off the shelf" with three color schemes and one grayscale scheme.
It's amazingly refreshing
to switch from Calming
to Stimulating colors
late in the workday!
Practical Tags
The EZ Interface goes beyond WYSIWYG to take the pain out of authoring
and editing native SGML/XML. WYSIWYG is last-century, typewriter-based
technology that makes no sense in the world of single-source, multi-channel
publishing. When structured markup content is created, output formatting may
be just a gleam in the typographer's eye.
Calming and Stimulating color schemes are designed to provide beneficial
psychological effects. Color themes such as Ocean, Forest, Desert, etc., are
also possible, as well as grayscale and other color schemes for those with color
vision impairment.
Color Schemes
Custom and Standard DTDs
Top 10 Reasons Tags Are Better than WYSIWYG*
(*especially with the EZ Interface)
10. Tags are easy to select. Just double-click on the end tag to select the entire
tag and everything it contains.

9. Tags are collapsible. Instantly collapse and expand tags to hide and show
text. Cutting, pasting, and moving collapsed tags is a snap. Drag and drop pages
of text, chapters, even volumes.

8. Tags make it easy to navigate without stopping to grab the mouse. Move
from tag to tag including tags such as Bold and Italic without moving your hands
from the keyboard. Just press TAB to move forward and Shift+TAB to move

7. Tags are easy to change without selecting anything. Change bold to italic
to underline and back again without selecting anything.

6. Tags build a Table of Contents for document navigation. Whatever you
type in Title tags automatically appears in the onscreen TOC. Double-click on
the TOC entry to link to the text in the document.

5. Tags build the Table of Contents for published documents. The TOC is
no longer an authoring issue.

4. Tags know where they belong. When a tag doesn't make sense, such as a
bullet list in a title, the tag isn't available as a choice.  

3. Tags are faster. Choose a Paragraph or other tag and type. Forget about
Styles and accomplish more by focusing on creating content.

2. Tags change themselves so you don't have to. When you move or paste a
Chapter inside a Chapter, it changes to a Section tag, and any Section tags
change to Subsection tags. Automatically. And the formatting also changes

1. You can personalize tag display in Arbortext  Editor with the EZ
. Select the font family, font size, and color scheme you want to use
regardless of what the output formatting may be. Choose Calming colors this
morning, then switch to Stimulating colors later in the day for a refreshing change.
The EZ Interface works by utilizing both halves of the human brain. This frees
the left brain to concentrate on reading and writing document content while the
right brain handles the tasks related to structure and markup. The result is
improved productivity and a better Arbortext Editor experience.
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