All Caps Alphabet
Latin Alphabet
How much information — volumes, books, reports, pages, etc. — is to be printed with Arbortext'?

2. Printed Samples
Please provide samples of the documents you want to print.

3. Your Deadline
What is your deadline for print/PDF publishing?

4. Arbortext Version
What version of Arbortext are you using?

5. DTDs
How many DTDs are involved in your project?

6. Arbortext Edit Window
Do you already have a FOSI to format screen display in Arbortext Editor?

7. Languages
What languages are used in your documents?

8. Languages per Document
How may languages are use in one document?
Multiple languages in one document
One language per document

9. Paper Sizes
What paper sizes will be used? Please check all that apply.
8-1/2 x 11
8-1/2 x 14
11 x 17
Other; please specify:

10. Document Versions
Are different versions of the same document needed?  Please check all that apply.
Other; please specify:

11. Partial Documents
Will documents always be printed in their entirety? Or will partial documents be printed?
For example, does a single section of a manual need to be printed separately using the
same section numbering as in the complete manual?
Always print entire document
Sometimes print part of a document

12. Formatting Options
Do your documents require any of the following? Please check all that apply.
List of Effective Pages
Security classification
Change pages (point pages)
Change bars (revision marks)
Other; please specify:

13. Save As HTML
Are you planning to use File->Save As HTML to create HTML for browser display?

14. PDF
Will documents be printed to PDF files?
The Print Publishing Checklist below is designed to identify the scope of your Arbortext print/PDF
project and collect the information needed for an accurate estimate of stylesheet development efforts.
Printing Registration Mark
Print Publishing Checklist
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