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Expert Consulting for Arbortext's Epic Editor
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27 years experience with SGML/XML publishing applications for Arbortext Editor:

    DoD, automotive, heavy equipment, aerospace, hardware, software, financial,
    government, legal, publishing

First database-driven, multiple-language, multiple-document FOSIs

First Arbortext solution for ATA LEPs

First Arbortext solution for change processing

First Arbortext solution for line numbering

Invented modular FOSIs and FOSI-generated tables

Print/publishing background

Pharmaceutical research experience

Experienced project manager

B.S., Computer Science, The University of Michigan

Presented training session on Modular FOSIs at the 1996 Arbortext Users' Group International

Presented Go Native! Get the most from your Arbortext Editor investment with native FOSI at
PTC/User 2009

Presented Standardize formatting across documents and DTDs with modular FOSIs at
PTC/User 2010

Regular contributor to PTC Arbortext Community and Adepters mail group for Arbortext users
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we do right away;
the  impossible
takes a little longer
The sooner you
start coding, the
longer it takes

Expert FOSI Consulting for Arbortext
World expert on applied FOSI
Expert FOSI Consulting             941-312-7636         2015