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Excerpts from Practical FOSI
Practical FOSI is now available at the low price of just $30.

Practical FOSI is delivered as a password-protected PDF file for the
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Expert Consulting for Arbortext's Epic Editor
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Expert FOSI Consulting for Arbortext
World expert on applied FOSI
Expert FOSI Consulting             941-312-7636         2015
Practical FOSI        
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    Everything related to FOSI in Arbortext is covered
    in Practical FOSI.

    - More than 900 pages.

    - Almost 500 examples.

    - Extensive cross referencing with PDF links.

    - Detailed index with PDF links.

    - Tables and graphics in Arbortext Editor.

    - "How to" for bleed tabs, crop marks, LEPs,
       change bars, modular FOSIs, and more.

    - Tips and tricks.

    - Best practices.

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