Expert Consulting for Arbortext's Epic Editor
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Expert FOSI Consulting             941-312-7636         2015
Expert FOSI Consulting for Arbortext
World expert on applied FOSI
Higher quality output with FOSI and T  X
Arbortext's T  X-based formatting engine builds paragraphs to
achieve the best set of line breaks. APP, on the other hand,
builds paragraphs line by line.
APP Styler with default (fixed) word spacing
APP Styler with source-edited variable word spacing
FOSI/T  X with font word spacing
  • Tight, loose, and short lines. Some paragraphs look
    better with fixed word spacing while others look better
    with variable word spacing.
  • Incorrect hyphenation of "cour-seware" in the APP files
    marked with an asterisk (*).
  • Balanced columns that should be unbalanced.
Compare the PDF files created from APP and FOSI/T  X
formatted output (using the distributed axdocbook doctype
files). Notice the following problems with the APP output:
APP Output
FOSI/T  X Output